The fun fair is coming

big wheelUpdate 2016

Each year there is a fun fair on Bangor seafront, near the McKee clock but this year I feared it wasnt coming as I had heard nothing about it’s arrival…and surely it was normally here by now?

However, this morning whilst leaving my daughter to school (always wonderful to have to drive past the seafront and see the sea, the marina and the gulls) we spotted the fun fair being constructed.

So soon, there will be big wheels, dodgems, helter-skelter, exciting rides I don’t know the names to, and little choo-choo trains for the babes.

As with all fun fairs the money drains quickly from your pockets as there is too much fun to be had, candy floss to buy and sticky lollies to get stuck to the tongues..and if you’re unlucky, the car seats, BUT it is always a day out to remember. Take advantage of the token offers and it is well worth it.


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